Plumbing and Electrical

Come to Albrights Hardware & Garden Center for a wide selection of plumbing supply and electrical supplies for your kitchen, bathroom, pipes, and drains. Albrights is a private independent store where we have a high quality of brand name products at affordable prices. This make us able to help you one-on-one so you don’t get overwhelmed looking for what you need. View our list below for the type of products you can find in our store, to help you with your plumbing and electrical needs.


Plumbing Electrical (1)

  •  Kitchen & Bath  (Drain & supply lines, Bathroom hardware, Faucets, Shower & sink repair parts)
  •  Pipe fittings & pipe  (Fittings, ABS, Brass, PEX, PVC, CPVC, Sweat solvents, Sealers, Valves)
  •  Pumps & Accessories 


  •  Household Electrical  (Extension cords, Wiring devices, Strips & Surge protectors)
  •  Lighting  (Outdoor lighting bulbs, Lamps parts)
  •  Rough Electrical  (Circuit breakers, Cover plates, Electrical boxes, Conduit, Connectors, Fuses, Wires)
  •  Specialty Electrical  (Batteries, Doorbells, Fire protection, Flashlights, Telephone accessories, Tools & Testers)

Plumbing Electrical (2)